What we're up to now...

We try to keep busy helping out in whatever capacity we can. Here are a few of the projects we're currently working on. If you're interested in contributing to any of these or have any questions, give a us shout.

Bringing Sanitation Marketing to Rural Nigeria

We're working with WaterAid Nigeria to implement a sanitation marketing component to their Gates-funded Sustainable Total Sanitation Nigeria project.


Applying Design to Healthy Early Childhood Development

We're working with the Swearer Center for Public Service at Brown University to bring design thinking to their new TRI-Lab initiative--an effort to connect research faculty and students with community groups to address issues in early childhood development



Selling Sanitation in East Africa

We're working with the IFC, WSP and Kenyan Ministry of Health to implement the Selling Sanitation program--an effort to use mass manufacturing and existing supply chains to bring affordable sanitation products to rural Kenya.


Testing prototypes with fundis (masons).